Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to promote your brand online and to generate interest in your products, services or business. It allows you to easily communicate your message to a large audience or your target audience.

Video content has never been more popular amongst both brands and consumers. Video is fast becoming the most effective way for brands to reach their audiences, engage consumers and drive sales.

More than 75% of consumers trust content that is delivered to them visually, as opposed to other mediums. Close to two thirds of consumers have bought a product online as a direct result of watching a video, whilst 90% claim that some form of video content has influenced a purchasing decision that they have made.

Video is now one of the fastest growing content channels, yet very few businesses are taking full advantage of its potential. We can analyse your business and provide you with a full video marketing strategy to boost your online traffic and business growth.

Video Marketing requires specific skills, as it has its own unique guidelines and etiquette online. The process of promoting a video online includes everything from choosing the right hosting platforms and optimising

The process of our development

At One Agenda we breakdown the process of development into 5 stages

1 Meet

Our friendly team of creatives will meet you to learn about your business goals and your brand identity. We’ll listen and understand what you want to get from the project, and how we think we can help.

2 Target Audience

What demographic is your brand aimed at? How does that audience like to receive information? What do they share? We’ll learn all there is to know about your demographic, to ensure we’re making a video that they’ll want to watch. We’ll build a genuine relationship between your brand and your customers.

3 Plan

From start to finish we will brainstorm and plan the perfect solution in order to showcase your business through video to increase your followers and engagement online.

4 Create

Then comes the exciting bit – we’ll get started with creating visually engaging videos that will capture your audience’s imagination. We’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process.

5 Promote

Making a great video isn’t the be all and end all for success. If the right audience don’t see it, then what’s the point? Using our knowledge of targeting targeted audience, we’ll make sure we’re marketing your video on the correct platforms and reaching the right people.

5 Analysis

Our team of SEO Experts will track your progress online though your video shares, retweets, engagement and views. This lets us know what works with your audience so that we can form a winning strategy over and over again!

What Video Marketing Services can we offer you?

Video Marketing on social media platforms is perfect for increasing awareness of your brand., There are hundreds of video networking sites and we can create brand new videos to fit any brief, or can alternatively take any of your existing content, edit them in line with your goals, and post them post them on as relevant video sites to maximise your online exposure and sales.

Without an effective video activation strategy, your videos won’t reach their full potential. We can provide you with a full activation strategy to maximise your reach or manage the entire process for you, whether it be paid or organic video activation or a combination of the two. We specialise in producing all forms of video content from live action to animation.

Put simply we harness the power of video, and the strategy behind it, to deliver results. If you’re from a brand that’s looking for a one off film, a complete campaign, or even an in-house video department, we have the expertise you need.

Our friendly, team of creatives, producers and marketers have expertise in video production, filming, animation, content strategy, personalised video, video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, video seeding, media buying and more.

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